Week 3 Reflection

Reflections on My Goal

My original goal for this course was to journal for at least 5 minutes each day as a way to reflect and bring more attention to my emotional well-being. As I have dedicated the time to this task each day, I notice a shift in wanting to share more with my spouse. I will continue the 5 minutes of daily journaling, but I am adding onto this original goal by making a commitment to set aside a minimum of 10 minutes (preferably at the close of each day) to have open dialogue with my husband.

This goal is important to me because I value connection with my spouse. Since having  a child, any “us” time easily falls off the radar of priorities as we are in the mix of work, school/studying, caring for our kiddo, household tasks, exercise, food prep/meals, and so forth. Often, I fall into the trap of telling myself how busy or tired I am or at the end of the day. The “end of the day” for my husband and me is the precious hour or two we have to ourselves after we put our son to bed but before we both fall asleep, which let’s be real, is anywhere between 8-9PM. It will be personally meaningful for me to reach my goal because I believe investing time in and giving attention to my partner will strengthen our communication.

While I do not have expectations around what we will discuss during those 10 minutes, it will be my request that neither of us are on our phones, computers, digital devices or that we are multi-tasking. I am looking forward to this goal addition; I am ready to step out of the daily grind I’ve created and be very intentional about the importance of well-being with my spouse.


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